in various colour temperatures

The launching of a revolutionary lighting system which has taken the
film world by storm.
(Integrated Alternative System - IAS)

The total project and the product is the brain child of I. Joseph who by profession is a Cinematographer. He qualified with a Diploma in Cinematography from the Film and Television Institute of Tamilnadu, Chennai and certified by the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune for Television Production and Technical Operations. Currently working with Doordarshan Kendra as a cameraman since 1986.

Joseph was inducted into photography and its processing at the tender age of 12 inspired by his father and his interest for the profession, Joseph went on to join the Chennai Film Institute. He was an active member of a Photography Club during his college days. While in service at Guwahati (Assam) he had conducted short time training courses for the Cameramen and producers. One of his students is Mrs. Babitha Sharma of Film Finance Corporation, Government of India, who is the wife of a renowned Film Producer Cinmoy Sharma.

Working as a cameraman for diverse and various kinds of challenging photography, his shootings for the last 22 years, with the available lights in the studios all over India, Joseph had always wondered why everything, other than lighting, kept improving in the field of photography in our country. There was a dire need for good lights. If at all there were good lights it was imported and the cost was unaffordable by many. Necessity is the mother of invention. This sparked off a thought in his mind to bring in a totally new product in the field of lighting which could revolutionize the entire film world and also make it affordable.

With his past experience in the field of photography he set on designing lights which could compete with the imported lights in quality and also at the same time affordable, easy and simple to handle by the camera men themselves. Moreover it ought to be efficient, energy saving and portable, even in difficult terrain. Thus was born the idea of IDL lights which successfully hit the market after years of ongoing research and development.

This product has been launched in the market and has made a very good impact with customers none less than the reputed AVM productions who have now replaced their entire lighting system with IDL lights. It has also made its mark in places like Assam, Calcutta and Hyderabad in addition to Chennai .

The world of photography is undergoing dramatic change – the like of which it has perhaps never experienced in the past. This change is now complete with IDL lightings

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