in various colour temperatures

A first of its kind product to be introduced in the field of cine, video and stage lighting in the country. This product is the result of years of research and development.

IDL lighting is light-weight permitting easy mobility and emits very less heat. It consumes 70 watts only. This creates a more comfortable ambience for the artists to work. Power consumption is calculated to be approximately 7 times less than that of similar tungsten equipment currently used to light up the same area thereby a single-phase power supply would suffice for an entire set of lighting used for a set or a stage.

IDL lighting system enhances the creative and imaginative capabilities of the cameraman as it allows him adequate control over effective lighting.

Built with strong and sturdy frame work, powder coated to ensures long life and is backed-up by stringent quality control measures.

As the investment and the running cost is very low, IDL lighting systems are affordable by every ideal light requiring studio or stage set up.

Unlike the available lights in the market IDL lighting system permits change of bulbs as per requirement of the lighting situation (white light or yellow light.)

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